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Default Azarenka - Hall of Fame as of right now?

Clearly, she's young and will most likely achieve more in her career such that the question of her HOF membership will not even be debatable.

But, as of right now (if her career ended today), would she be in?

2 Slams, 1 Slam runner-up, 15 overall titles (including 5 Premiere/Tier 1), No. 1 ranking.

I'd say, even if she does nothing else, she'd be in as of today.

I was going to start the same thread if Li won. 2 Slams and 1 Slam runner-up would have at least raised the question of HOF membership, but the rest of her resume is relatively thin. She has some intangibles - first Asian woman to win a singles Slam, for example, but I still think it would be a tough sell for HOF membership, even if she had those 2 Slams. But, you never know with the HOF.
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