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Default getting bumped down for medical reason/how to do it?

Hey all,

I'm in a sort of an unfortunate situation. I played in a USTA 4.0 league as a self rate last spring. I did pretty well, although did lose a few matches. I ended up getting bumped up at the very end of the season. I probably deserved to be bumped up at the time. I was probably around a low end 4.5.

Well, this summer I injured my shoulder. I couldn't serve for a few months, and it eventually felt better.. at least somewhat better. I shouldn't have went back to serving the same way as I was before (extreme pronation with a lot of shoulder in it).. but I did.

It progressively ended up worse than it was before and hasn't gotten better for months. I am now serving underhand exclusively. I went to the doctor and was dx with rotator cuff tendinitis. To my understanding it is very common for tennis players, at least the one who don't take care of their shoulder, to end up with this.

My serve was once my biggest asset. Obviously, an underhand serve at the 4.5 level won't cut it. So my question is, is it possible in this situation to get bumped down on account of a injury? and if so how would one go about it?
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