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Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
If P1 service wasn't worth it to the people that use it they would be out of business.

If having your equipment professionally taken care of, modified, matched for tension/swing weight/weight etc helps you to win a match here and there it has already paid for itself.

Consider this .... at the Aussie open you get $27600 just for being in the first round. If you win and get to round 2 you get another 17900.

SO just by winning 1 match you gain almost half of P1's gold service cost.

And it goes up from there quickly. Win round 2 and you get another $25100. Win round 3 and get another $54000.

For the recreational player (and lets face it we are almost all recreational players ... I dont care if you're a 5.5) P1 is not for you. For a top pro ... it's a no brainer.
That's true about how P1 does it. So, it's basically a custom stringing service exclusively for pros? I just want to know how much is the "Bronze service"? I've seen a guy have his Pure Storm Tours strung from priority one. I think it was three of them.

You get $27,000 just for being in the first round? Hm, travel expenses and food would only cover that for around half a year if best.
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