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Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
Boring final, that's my conclusion.

As I said yesterday, if Murray gives Djokovic an inch, he loses this match. When he did so at 0-40 in the first game of the second set, it was a slow descent for Andy and Novak got back up.

And you know what, this was a great chance for Murray but he didn't rise to the challenge even though Djoko was just AWFUL for the first set and a half, he kept spraying errors off his FH like crazy whereas Andy was quite solid all around.

Watching these matches I kept thinking "why the hell don't I enjoy Murray-Djokovic GS matches?" and I think it's because their styles are so similar that it simply gets tedious over time. The only decent Murray-Djokovic GS match for me was their AO 2012 SF encounter otherwise it's simply same ol' until Djokovic gets a foot in the door and it's light out for Andy, who had trouble beating Novak in USO even when he was 2 sets up. Oddly enough, their 2 out of 3 matches are quite good most of the time but maybe that's because they tend to be shorter.

And then I reminded myself why I liked Nadal-Federer more or hell, even Nadal-Djokovic,Federer-Djokovic or Nadal-Murray. It's because Nadal and Federer both bring something special to the table, Rafa has his leftie megaspin and unique intensity, Fed brings that classic allcourter game whereas Andy and Djoko are almost carbon copies of eachother.

They are both righties, both have BH better than their FH IMO, both are terrific defenders and movers even though they can be brilliant on offense as well. The differences are very slight, Murray serves a bit better, Djokovic returns better, Djokovic has a better dropshot and so on.

Congrats to Djokovic for his sixth GS title. Well deserved.
Djokovic? Yes. Murray? No.

The Ferrer match serves as a great example of Djokovic playing superb offense. I can't remember the last time Murray was offensive-minded for more than a couple of points.
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