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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
sorry, who is "a-train"*?

i see your point, though I would have though working out your legs and doing movement exercises would be more important. Isn't there a risk that focusing on the bench press might make a tennis player unbalanced? That his back and rotator cuff muscles aren't as strong.

* I'm not trying to be smart, I don't know all the nicknames.
Both r important when I played hockey and tennis I just lifted 5 movements clean press, deadlifts, stepups, bentover rows and bench press. To be a great at bench u need a strong upperback. Most tennis don't know very much about weight lifting. I trained a few junior tennis players and had to deal with their coaches. Both thought they knew about lifting. They thought to just throw weightlifting on top of all their training which why most weight lifting programs don't work. It just causing them to over train not increase their strength and get hurt. I was thinking to myself just stick to playing and teaching tennis. I found most people don't train their rear delts enuff. The whole muscle balance thing is over blown. I have not seen or read anything that states that muscle imblance reduces or prevents or increase muscle performance. It keeps alot of PT dudes working
305 for 15 REPS, 470 one rep max BENCH PRESS
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