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Originally Posted by Bash and Crash View Post
Well I know a kid who is on Harvard, one of their top players and he trained pretty much with one coach, at small club, and had 4.95 gpa. Never full time, and not sure what his parents spend but I would guess about one month of bills was about the same as one day for the kid from China.
In percentage terms?

I'm calling a time out for myself, because I don't see from this thread or anywhere else where this supposed Chinese family was trying to buy a ranking or an Ivy admission. For all we know the exorbitant tennis expense was chump change to them and a frolic.

On the other hand........lots of indications on the Board that good ol' 'mericans are spending a high percentage of their wealth on just those objectives.

Not judging this to be good or bad.......just wondering how China got dragged into this. Because Li Na made the finals?

Anyway, I'm on time out here for at least a few more posts.

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