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Originally Posted by JoeR View Post
I've got to ask... if you've been eating grape nuts every morning for years, for the last 20 years... why would you change things up now?
Because if it would lead to any improvement in either health or appearance, I'm willing to do it. I drank whole milk for 47 years, and made the switch to 2% for the same reason.

I guess I'm become a believer in making small changes to stay fit as I get older. I'm probably fitter now at age 50, at least appearance-wise, than I've ever been in my life.

Originally Posted by SteveI View Post
Been eating Cheerios for 53 years...never have had total cholesterol over 170.. you be the judge.
I wonder if would be any different had you been eating Grape Nuts for decades.

Will you try Grape Nuts for 10 years and report back to us?
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