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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
I think lessons would be a great idea for this guy but I'm not sure how to suggest it to him without insulting him and I don't know his financial situation either.

He takes huge swings on every shot with his forehand--warm ups, second serves, every shot is big, and when he connects it is a nice looking shot. Unfortunately he can't hit more than about two in a row before he makes a UE and his backhand is a worse liability. I know when we spoke after playing a social set a week ago he was really down about his league experience. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
the pros i knew from "group lessons/ men's night". i don't know if your place does anything like that but it was a ton cheaper than private lessons. even if you could maybe sweet talk one of the pros into watching the guy for 5 min. maybe that would be enough?

i feel your pain!
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