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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Yes she will undoubtably be in the Hall of Fame. No question about it.

As for Na she might make it even right now given what a joke the Hall of Fame is. Mostly due to what a trailblazing series of feats she did for China. She needs to win another slam to be totally secure, but I would guess her making it even if she doesnt.

On another note I expect Stosur will even be inducted due to her body of work (singles and doubles), and Martinez will at some point too. That said Wozniacki, Dementieva, Safina, and Jankovic will never be inducted.
Martinez would actually be a really good 1-Slam pick based on a lot of factors. She has a Wimbledon title, 2 other Slam finals (on two other surfaces), 33! overall titles on all surfaces (including 9 Tier 1s), Fed Cup titles, doubles titles, No. 2 ranking, a TON of other Slam SFs and QFs (showing consistency and longevity). BUT, if the HOF is going to have 1-Slam winners, she's missing one thing - she has an awful record against the top players of her era - 1-13 vs. Graf, 1-20 vs. Seles, 4-14 vs. ASV. She never beat the Williams or Henin, but most of those matchups were when she was past her prime, so I'm more willing to excuse that. It's not so much the miserable records (any number of very good/great players are going to have poor records against legends), but she just doesn't have a BIG win over Graf, Seles, or ASV (well, she did beat ASV in a Slam SF at some point). I don't think it has to keep her out of the HOF, but it isn't good.

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