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Originally Posted by Nick911 View Post
Thanks for your replies!

He has a Babolat Aero Pro Lite GT 18/19 but he never liked it, it may also be due to stringing and string.

I'm a little curious about the Wilson Steam 105s, does anyone know if it might be a good choice for a junior who wants to get more speed?

I will buy a stringing machine so we can experiment with different strings.
I don't know what level he is playing at but i (as a junior) would not want to play with oversize racquet because it would be just way too much power. Also if he wants to ever hit flat i wouldn't want to get him one of the new steams, because of the 15 x 16 string pattern. Now if he really wants spin then get him it but i really doubt anyone wants that much spin. Try an APD 2013, a juice and other 'tweener racquets, as they will get you more spin
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