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you're position @ :09s looks pretty good. I think they were launched because of the face angle at contact. swing path is fine. this is one reason i think you hit too late. if contact was made more out in front there would have more brushing action. You should also try to work on closing the racquet face. That would happen naturally if you used your body to bring the racquet around instead of your arm because if you notice if you pause it at 09s the racquet is in the correct position. face is closed. buttcap pointed. if you would have just rotated keeping that structure then that would have been a good hit.

now i now why i thought you had a conservative grip.
Here's a good tip: change your grip style. That grip style you are using is not the best for the type of swing you are going for. I'm not talking about semiwestern/eastern etc. semi is fine. I'm referring to the way you hold your semi.
I highly recommend you grip the racquet all the way down to the end of the buttcap and don't spread your fingers the way you are doing. The way you are holding it is more conducive to an old school neutral stance linear swing powered by the arm. You are choking up and your fingers are spread.

If you hold the racquet all the way at the bottom with the heel pad actually extending past the buttcap in more of a fist like grip you get noticeably more racquet head speed, spin, pronation and deviation. Just try like 20 shadow swings with it. You will feel uncomfortable for a bit like you have no control. but after a few swings you will adjust as you will see that the racquet moves more freely and most importantly the racquet face will move in a more direct correspondence to how your hand moves. it will mirror what your hand does better than what you are doing now. Hard to explain but it gives more control with less effort (provided you don't arm the ball). You just have to adapt a little and figure out where to put the pressure. Also this grip let's the wrist flex more. the handle doesn't get in the way. So if you wanted u could give a touch of flex for some extra power on some shots. but if don't want to flex the wrist then this grip forces / encourages you to swing with more body so that the wrist stays laid back at contact without you having to manually hold the wrist back with tension. It stays loose. It's a much better grip imo.

If you look at the pros almost all of them hold the racquet all the down and even a little past the buttcap (exceptions would be verdasco) and they all hold it more in a fist type shape. Give it a try.

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