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Originally Posted by THE FIGHTER View Post
federer played against prime nadal for half of his career, No1e's prime and rafa's prime didnt overlap. djoke nearly primed on rafa's mid career decline.

their primes wont overlap until next year when rafa comes back to kick No1e's butt and take is name, which is No1e.
2004-2007, Nadal was still learning the game off of clay and didn't reach a HC slam semis until after Fed's supposed "prime". So he didn't even have to deal with an all surface Nadal until after 2007.

But I will give Fed the benefit of the doubt.. The field was deeper in 2004-2007 overall then it is now

Id say Nadal had it the worst. He had to deal with prime Federer and peak Nole.

Nole will have plenty of chances to rack up slams now with Fed old, and Nadal out.. Unless Nadal comes back to challenge Nole that is. However, its not looking very likely at this point
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