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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
Yes exactly the unreleased X-Platinums. Great frames - glad you're liking them!
This best Donnay X-series racquet for me, was the Blue 99. Loved the swing, balance and available power. But it was not as maneuverable when i tired or had to set up quickly. I couldn't find any 94in frames that felt like the Blue 99.
I did try the Gold 99, which was very consistent and maneuverable, but lacked the plow thru of the Blue 99. I even demoed the dual core platinum 94, but it was missing something. Maybe too muted.

Then i tried the X-Platinum 94. Wow. It's what I've been looking for. I am truly enjoying it. Has all the positive characteristics of the Blue 99 and is more maneuverable. On top of that, i believe the head moves much faster through the hitting zone, than Blue 99. Feels like I can still catch up to the ball, even when i'm late.

Have any of you guys tried the dual core Platinum 94 or 99?

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