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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
In percentage terms?

I'm calling a time out for myself, because I don't see from this thread or anywhere else where this supposed Chinese family was trying to buy a ranking or an Ivy admission. For all we know the exorbitant tennis expense was chump change to them and a frolic.

On the other hand........lots of indications on the Board that good ol' 'mericans are spending a high percentage of their wealth on just those objectives.

Not judging this to be good or bad.......just wondering how China got dragged into this. Because Li Na made the finals?

Anyway, I'm on time out here for at least a few more posts.
From page two.......

"My daughter trained with a boy from china who is here to become a pro. The mom said there are few choices and competition is too strong to get the top pros attention in china. Here she buys the time and gets what she wants. She is of new money where she says that her son will never have to get a job so she will do whatever it takes to reach her sons dream. She spends $700/day on tennis!"

I'm only commenting on this, not racist or anything else. Why do posters on here get so bent out of shape? As a teaching pro I personally think parents spend more than needed in chasing the tennis dream, but it is their money and dreams to pursue. I see parents pulling kids out of school to train full time and their kids are barely ranked top150 locally. But, it is what it is, academies have a business to run.
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