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Noah's intangibles were his personality, his charisma, being black, the excitment his win caused and being the first for a Frenchmen in the post World War 11 years I believe (could be wrong on that). That plus as you said his coaching exploits for the French. Still think Na has made more intangible effort though, just by what she has brought to tennis awareness in that part of the World, and I think her career is better since 3 slam finals trump 1 even with all of Noah's extra small tournament wins. I believe both won hardly any tier 1 or Masters type events, 1 each or something.

I know Martinez was useless vs the best of her era, but I still fully expect her to make it in at some point. Her singles credentials are too much to ignore given their recent inductees. She beat ASV in the semis of the 2000 French btw to make her only final there (where she lost a very winnable match to Mary Pierce).

Like I said I predict Na and Stosur to make it in as well. Bump this thread in 2020 or so and you will see I was right.

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