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Originally Posted by ultradr View Post
Djokovic-Murray tennis defeated Nadal-Federer brand of tennis by
  • More aggressive return of serves

Particularly, Djokovic differentiates himself in this era of defensive baseliners with
  • Aggressive tennis on break points.

Question, currently, is whether Federer-Nadal can respond to this raised level of tennis.
IMHO, Nadal clearly changed his tactics but still not enough outside clay.
Supposedly, Federer has been working on these last few years with coaches like
Cahill and Annacone, but he still plays way too conservative/defensive on break chances, IMHO.

The other thing is that Fed/Nadal has never been a major hard court rivalry. They've played in 1 AO final and 0 USO final. That is not enough to talk about a rivalry. Murray/Djokovic (as well as Nadal/Djokovic) is much more recent but has already happened in 3 slam finals (1 USO, 2 AO or 2 USO, 1 AO). So, I fail to see the comparison. Fed/Nadal happened on clay and grass exclusively (4 finals at RG and 3 at W) and Djoko/Murray is not happening at all on those surfaces. So, the comparison makes no sense.
Fed made 5 finals at AO, got 5 different opponents (Safin, Baghs, Gonzalez, Nadal, Murray). What rivalry? He made 6 USO finals, got 6 different opponents (Hewitt, Agassi, Roddick, Djokovic, Murray, Delpo).
The truth is this is the 1st time in ages that we have a significant rivalry developing on hard court. Before that, what we had was a domination by 1 player (Fed) and no rivalry to speak of.

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