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Default TW: String setup for Prestige S

Hi, i'm battling a bit to find the right string setup for my Prestige S.

At the moment i have my Dunlop Bio Max200G strung with Pro Hurricane Tour 16 @ 56lbs, and its perfect.

I have my Youtek Prestige MP strung with Pro Hurricane Tour 17 @ 54lbs, and is also perfect.

I tried the PHT 16 @ 56lbs in the Prestige S, but didn't quite like it - i almost expected the same result as with the BioMax200G as both have the same head size and string pattern, but it felt weird, not at all what i was looking for. So i'm a bit confused

You playtested all the above racquets, can you please offer some advise? I really like the Pro Hurricane tour strings - they're nice and crisp, great pop and doesn't hurt my elbow or shoulder.
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