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That combined with the fact that he was a "character" and the fact that he captained both Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams to victory - has anyone else done this?
In 1991 he captained the French to their first Davis Cup win since the 30s. That was huge(the HOF values Davis Cup very highly. look at some of the lesser known names that got in over the years, often Davis Cup was the main reason)

And I mentioned this to you in another thread - the HOF ceremony is a big deal in terms of maintaining the HOF. They prefer to induct people that will show up & make fans buy tickets & travel there.

Its not like the Baseball HOF, where its not a big deal if they go years without inducting anyone, they need these ceremonies to survive.

Right now, I don't see Azarenka or Ni La causing fans to flock to Newport to see them getting inducted.

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