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I didn't even know she blacked out until reading this thread.

What did she say in her interview about what she said to the people on the court? Did she tell them she blacked out? Also, I've read that her English isn't that limited away from the camera (an actual on-camera interview), where she gets nervous. Though she was probably nervous as a full-stadium watched her.

But, honestly, if she didn't say anything, how could anyone know whether to stop the match. And, what do you do if a player says she blacked out but says she wants to play on? Could/should they really have a hardline blackout/default rule?

[Note: None of this conversation is to take anything away from Azarenka. Li appeared to move and hit fine after her events and Azarenka played better. I'm just interested in the issue of what to do in these situations.]

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