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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
Hey Pjonesy

Haven't tried any other Donnays but looking forward to it. Actually I was thinking of the X-Blue 99 but it sounds like I may not have to now;<)

What string and tension are you using. As well how do you find it for spin and serve power?

For the Blue 99, I had Volkl Cyclone 18g in mains and Isospeed Control Arm Protection multi 1.30(16g). It gave me even more spin, decent power and good control. But the feel was muted. As I lost feel, I started hitting more spin and was hitting too short. Can't remember tension exactly. Under 50lbs for Cyclone in mains and mid 50s for Isospeed multi.

Currently I am using a full bed of Tourna Quasi gut 17g in the x Platinum. String tension is 59. Much livelier string, but it provides a tremendous amount of spin. The ball will fly, if you catch it late. If you cover the ball well and hit a long full stroke, the Quasi gut pays off. Power and spin galore. Combined with the potential racquet head speed of the x platinum, it is lethal. I'm still adjusting to the racquet and string myself. But once I get locked in, I expect to be in total control of baseline rallies.

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