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Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
Let's see some trash talking and punches thrown next time. Now that would be awesome.
Now you're talking!!!

"The two ladies are bobbing and weaving on either side of the net .... Azarenka's eyeing Serena Williams warily while Williams has her steely intimidating gaze fixed squarely on her opponent ... Azarenka trying to use her height and reach to keep Williams at a distance reaches over the net and throws a flickering jab that Williams brushes away ... Williams counters with a jab of her own and another jab ... Azarenka is starting to howl .... Azarenka flicks another jab and follows up with a short right cross which ,,,,,, "BOOM!" ,,,, Serena staggers Azarenka with a crushing left hook to the ribs!!! .... Azarenka cannot breathe!! .... she's now trying to catch her breath!! ... Azarenka appears to be choking!! .... Azarenka's now calling for the trainers, looking to take a MTO!! .... Williams fires another left hook "BOOM!" .... DOWN GOES AZARENKA!!!...DOWN GOES AZARENKA!!!...DOWN GOES AZARENKA!!!....the chair umpire continues the count '7...8...9...' .... it's over!! ... it is all over!!! .... Serena Williams knocks out Victoria Azarenka at :32 seconds of the 1st round! .... Azarenka is still out cold!!! ... she's just lying there unconscious, farting and howling in her sleep! ..... "
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