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Originally Posted by ultradr View Post
Finally installed RaquetTune on my iPhone and iPad and measured tensions
of string beds on 3 identical Head Prestige's, all with Babolat BT7 guts.

#1: measured 52# (requested 59/60# a few month ago, played a few weeks).
#2: measured 56# (requested 58# 2 weeks ago, have been playing since then)
#3: measured 66# (requested 62# 6-7 month ago, played only once)

I know these are only reference tensions but #3 clearly was a bad one, I concluded.
I requested 62# but I think the stringer( person or machine ) probably pulled it at 70+ lbs.
It felt dead and I stopped playing with it. BT7 with this high tension is probably unusable.
There goes $43(string) + $22(stringing fee) wasted.
The only one of those that looks off is #3. I use the RacquetTune app and have been stringing my own sticks on a Gamma X2 for the past 7 yrs. The biggest eye-opener for me once I started using the app was how much tension my strings dropped within the first 15 min right after being strung. It seems as though they "settle" a bit. I'm not surprised by your first few readings, especially since they have been played for a few weeks.

Also, in response to the comment about the accuracy of RacquetTune; it's pretty darn accurate provided you make sure that you enter all the correct frame and string data for your stick. Sometimes I've taken readings that looked pretty funky only to discover that I was using the data entered for a completely different stick.

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