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Originally Posted by ellipticality_224 View Post
Ok, I know you will all accuse me of trolling, and this probably isnt a good first thread for me to do either but here it goes.

Why does every one say that Serena is the best player on the women's tour? I mean, isn't being a true great a balance of winning, staying healthy, fit and not getting injured every other tournament, or blaming your losses on nagging injuries that some how only started in that match you lost? Isn't this what Roger seemed to have (and still has it in a way) for so long for the better part of the last decade to have down pat? I simply see no way that you can say Serena is the best player on the WTA when she plays half the tournaments out of the year, wins one major and destroys the number 1 a few times, but then loses a match, blames it on an injury, then takes a few weeks to months off and comes back, dominates the tour, loses another match and does it all over again? In my opinion, she may be the best PLAYING woman on tour, but also the most INJURY PRONE and INCONSISTENT player on tour. Which, these two are very unbalanced and something that a true number one should be able to balance both of them and miss a max of 2 major tourneys a year (of course taking off time before the US Open swing like most top people do.).

I'm sorry folks, but I don't see it in Serena as the best on the WTA. She is simply too inconsistent to have earned the number one ranking. Sure, she dominates when she is well and fit, but gets an injury at least 4 times a year, and then her fans complain why she is not number one, but only plays the GS and a few major tournaments. Don't get me wrong, I like Serena, she is fun to watch, and quite the comic, but in my opinion should not be considered for a top 4 ranking with her work ethic and being as injury prone a she is.

In my opinion a true number one plays a good schedule, all 4 majors, nearly all the 1000s, several 500s, and 250s when he or she needs to keep match ready, AND WINS TOO! If you want my opinion, Sharapova, and Na are really the only ones that can fit a decent part of this criteria. Azarenka does sometimes, but she seems to be that "nagging" injury prone, those injuries that come and go within a match, not to mention that she gets a decent amount of walkovers and retirements as well. I hate how everyone says "Oh, well if Serena wasnt injured right now, she would have killed her and won the tournament, she is the true number one.", yeah maybe, she would have won the tournament and squashed the puny girl on the other side of the net, but she gets injured all the time! Not the qualities of a true number one.

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