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Originally Posted by ttwarrior1 View Post
yes im being serious, 100 percent serious

3 sets, why?
2 not enough and 4 too much?

good grief, that workout is and old school copycat workout with a couple words changed around
Does it really matter?

three sets seems to be a nice compromise between volume and intensity. 5x5 would be too much volume to maintain long term progress. There are beginner programs that start with 5x5 and then drop down to 3x5 when the weight gets heavier.

Perhaps 2x5 is enough for some, maybe it isnt for others. Point being to elicit adaptation you need a certain amount of stimulus, and at some point 3x5 is going to do that better than 2x5 while allowing more weight to be used than 4 or 5x5.

Who gives a **** if it's a copycat? It works which is really all that matters. It's simple and effective.

But feel free to wallow in ignorance and made up figures (99% of SS users get injured and quit? Seriously?)
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