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Originally Posted by UCSF2012 View Post
This is one of those bogus factoids being passed around. The "93 is actually 90, and the "98 is actually 95."

Look at the frame, comparing the outside and the inside surface area. It looks a lot more than 3 sq in. Actually, if you were to measure the thickness, I get 6/16 inch. Take a ruler and measure the circumference, and I got approx 38 inches. Do the math: 6/16 x 38 = 14.25 sq in.

The difference in surface area between the inside and outside of the hoop is approx 14 sq inches. That sheds much doubt to the claim that Head measures from the outside the frame and that the 98 is actually 95. (It'd be 112 sq in if Head measured from the outside).
head doesn't measure the headsize from the outside of the frame, however, the prestige mid is really 89.5 and prestige and radical 98's are 95 sq in. This is due to marketing which came from the names of prestige classic 600 and pro tour 630. 600 sq cm roughly equals 93 sq in and 630 sq cm roughly equals 95 sq in
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