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I'm sorry, am I missing something here? Is Li Na dead right now? Is she in the hospital with complications due to this supposed concussion? If not, then this thread is stupid. Also, having the sensation of blanking out for a split second is not always a concussion. When you get hit hard enough, your eyes dilate for a split second and they stop working. You interpret this as a blanking out for a slip second. That's not the same as a concussion. A concussion is if your brain shifts hard enough in your skull to bruise itself against the wall of the skull.

If she had a concussion, she would have had other issues that would have been evident in her ability to have proper hand/eye coordination after the event. I don't think that happened.
What is the problem? We're debating what the procedure should be in a situation like this. What should the protocol be for head trauma, as rare as it might be in tennis. Some people are positing that she may have had a concussion, others are simply saying that measures should be taken even when there is a traumatic event and only the possibly of something serious.

Moose made reference to actress Natasha Richardson, who hit her head on snow during a beginner ski lesson, appeared fine for hours, and later died of an epidural hemotoma. Of course, now it doesn't appear like Li's injury is that serious, but the point is that you can't always tell right after the head trauma, and because you can't tell, what should be done - should we trust the player to make their own decision to play on, or should the player be urged (or forced) to default as to avoid the risk of something serious happening.

If you think we're making excuses for Li, we're not. If you think we're trying to diminish Azarenka's victory, we're not. We don't need someone to instruct us regarding what to discuss.
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