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Originally Posted by djokovic2008 View Post
Hewit= no power no threat
Roddick=no brains no touch or feel
Safin= inconsistent, head case

You call this strong lol
They battled against a deeper field. There were Old Sampras, Old Ivanisevic, Old Rafter, Old Krajicek and Henmann who could play well in the fast grass prior to 2002. There were good clay court specialists although old or injured or inconsistent like Old Kafelnikov, Old Moya, Kuerten, Chela, Ferrero, Costa, Gaudio etc. Agassi was there too in all surfaces, and he was playing well at that time. And of course, they battled against their own generation who were youngster at that time Safin, Hewitt, Roddick, Federer, Nalbandian, Hass, etc.

Djoko has nobody to battle against anymore. Old Fed who can only be a threat at Wimbledon if it is fast. Injured Nadal whose knees would only hold at clay and Murray who can only be a real obstacle at grass and fast hard courts.

No Doubt 2000 - 2002 has a much deeper field at Tier 1 and Tier 2 than today. The Djoker is winning the slams Hewitt, Safin, Roddick won at their time. Just look all the good player there were back at that time. Nowadays just three good players one is Old (Federer) and way past his prime; the other is Injured most of the time (Nadal) and the other is just not good enough even at his peak (Murray).

Peak Sampras, Peak Federer, Peak Nadal, Peak Safin and Peak Agassi; at least, could mop the floor with Peak Djoker at hard courts. At grass, a lot of players at their peak would mop the floor with Novak. At clay also a lot of player would defeat Novak (Peak Kuerten, Nadal, Peak Federer, Peak Agassi, etc).

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