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Originally Posted by wy2sl0 View Post
We knew the day was going to come where he just couldn't do it at the same level as the Top guys, and I think the AO showed it.

He could have lost to Tsonga, and was basically running the entire time on defense. Then, in the Murray match he had nothing left in the 5th. He just doesn't have the ability to play at a high level over 5 sets anymore. I am not really upset. I accept it, and thank him for the records he has set and the amazing finals he has put forth against the best of every generation he has played in. He'll win some Masters and maybe get to some more GS finals but I really saw a MARKED decrease in his level this year at the AO, and I think anyone would have to be blind to not agree.
I think the surface was his enemy as well. They sped it up from last years extremely slow to this years very slow but nowhere enough still. Roger needs to be able to penetrate with winners. On this court it is very difficult to do that. Suits younger guys who can run all day. Tennis with this slowing down of surfaces is becoming a kind of ping pong.
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