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Originally Posted by DeShaun View Post
I agree. Its all bout throwing people off rhythm and it traces back to McEnroe and his predecessors Im sure. Anything to gain an edge when margins are thin.
The timing, the essence, and what happens in the match are more than enough evidence to see if its legit or not. Li Na, for example, fell quite a few times and she needed medical treatment (and I still don't justify her taking it!). Azarenka took it to get a breather and for her opponent to get annoyed, it is clear by the timing, the fact she wasn't injured during the match, and how she played after.

With Li Na, she couldn't play well after the MTOs, it was clear she was injured, she didn't mvoe well, she could not sustain any sort of solid game to really threaten Vika. As for Nadal, just watch Wimbledon 2010, round 3 match, Nadal was so stressed, he seriously considered he's going to lose the match, and needed to throw his opponent off rhythm as well as getting a breather. He took an MTO (for an injury nobody saw happen during the match) and then was running like a rabbit, hitting winners, annoying his opponent who loste his focus, and his serve, and eventually the match. What Nadal did belongs in soccer, not in tennis, he should have been called out for it by interviewers and tennis officials and he wasn't. I'd let it go if it was the only example but its hardly the only one.
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