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Originally Posted by NamRanger View Post
He won a slam under a very favorable setting for him. Del Potro's USO run was much more impressive; yes he did beat a crippled Nadal in the SF, but he had to play a healthy Federer that was playing well the whole year (2009 was a very good year for Federer; 4 slam finals, 2 wins, and a good year all around) and that tournament, and simply outgunned Federer in the final.
Just as Murray played a healthy Djokovic who was playing well the whole year (3 Slam finals, 1 win, WTF, 2 Masters etc) and simply outgunned him in the 5th set of the final just as Del Potro did Federer and by exactly the same score!

Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Unless Murray changes his game and plays much more aggressively (not just outright hitting the ball, but much more aggressive positioning, willing to take balls earlier, getting into the net, etc.), he's going to have alot of issues if Fed, Nadal, and Djokovic don't disappear anytime soon. Beating 2 out of the 3 playing the way Murray does is way too difficult. Only Nadal really has that kind of capability, and that usually burns him out and kills him physically; usually past Wimbledon Nadal is so banged him he's got almost no chance of winning the USO most years.
You keep on believing Murray can only win when his opponent plays subpar. The rest of us will give him the credit he's due for actually winning his matches including those against Djokovic, Federer and Nadal.
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