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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Those are just "Mards"

Murray can't beat Nole on the big stage unless Nole lays a big egg like he did in the USO finals
What the fck is a mard you ******** prck! Most of those so called mards were non Murray supporters.

Tired injured Murray still nearly beat peak fresh Djokovic if you want to play that stupid game.

What is wrong with so many of you negative fckers?

I can see so many of you have really sad lives and need to deride and mock people who are far more successful to make yourselves feel better and get the poison out.

So tell me what do you do for a living mate? Unemployed, shelf stacker, fast food worker, no money, spotty and ugly maybe. Must be something.
Sit behind your computer taking your frustrations out on people who can't defend themselves. Very brave of you you sad prck.

Feel free to email me and we can carry this on. I'd be glad to talk or meet you and tell you face to face what a sad failure you are over and over.

Let's do it. My email is here. prck!
I love John Isner
Deal with it
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