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Originally Posted by Jay_The_Nomad View Post
The medical time outs are there to assess if the player is fit enough to continue playing and whether if they continue the match they put themselves at risk of causing serious damage.

If the injury is minor enough, they get taped up to minimize movement (as a precaution) and off they go so the spectators have a match to watch. Minor injuries does not mean you can't compete. It just means your injured body part is now weakened and even more susceptible to damage. So you need taping to protect it.

That is the intended purpose of MTOs. But just because MTOs are being exploited does not mean it should be scrapped.

I just think there should be more stringent supervision of MTOs. For example, you should not be able to have an MTO for cramps. If you got a cramp you shouldn't be able to ask the trainer to come out and massage you.
If an injury is not severe yet the player, according to your definition, still deserves an MTO, he should at least get it only at the end of sets. The way it is now - you can just take it whenever you want, and you can take it on whatever excuse you come up with. Look at Azarenka, look at Nadal, one could argue they won their respective matches (the ones I was mentioning in previous posts) thanks to exploiting the rules and using the MTOs for reasons that have nothing to do with injuries. They should come up with a solution for this, same way they should enforce the time between points rule, yet I haven't seen them do that in the AO.
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