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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
oh please, murray AO 2011 and ferrer AO 2013 were pushovers ...
in 2011, murray wasn't playing that well, struggled crazily vs ferrer and won in big part due to ferrer playing horrible breakers .. ended up playing a sh*t final, much worse than the AO 2010 one .. (should've been bagelled in the 2nd set, but looked like novak took pity and gave him 2 games instead )

ferrer in 2013 should've lost to almagro, who ended up mega-choking ...

you could've added stan for AO 2013 instead ..

2006 was haas, davydenko, baghdatis
2010 was davydenko, tsonga and murray

almost everyone in the list I mentioned for fed were clearly better than murray in AO 2011 and ferrer in AO 2013

also tsonga's level dropped off a bit in the 2008 final just like gonzo's did in AO 2007 ...
LOL as if 2006 Haas would've pushed Novak in any year he won the title. Same with Davydenko and Baghdatis. And let's not forget Kiefer was Fed's SF opponent in 2006

And yeah, I probably should've included Stan as well.

Fact still remains Novak is AO GOAT and he has had it MUCH harder than Fed on route to winning his titles.

He's also managed to win 3 in a row and is undefeated vs the big 4 since it went plexicushion.

Oh and let's not forget Fed's AO record vs top 4 opponents, which now stands at 1W (Ferrero) - 6L (Nadal x2, Novak x2, Murray + Safin)
"Nadal is a good example of an counter puncher" - RF-18
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