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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
How does him saying he felt he was a better player at 33 than 25 promote tennis?

How does him saying Fed now would beat Fed at 25 promote tennis?

WHY would Agassi go about promoting tennis today, what does he get out of it? The guy is giving his honest opinion and you can't handle the fact that it goes against all the tripe you yap on about.
by saying players are always improving, they want to make it make it look like present day tennis is the best ...

hell, even, yesterday Vijay Amritraj and Alan Wilkins were yapping about how "exciting" the final was ... blah blah blah ...*yawn*

agassi said he "felt" he was better at 33, i.e in 2003, 04 around that time ... than at 25, around 95, when he had arguably his best year level wise ....

according to him, he was better during the start of fed's domination period than during the 90s, go figure
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