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Yup that's the China made reissue of the Bumblebee Radical Tour OS...a solid stick if you ask me. From what I learned, it was made for big chain sporting goods stores like Big 5. I once tried to buy some from a guy here in the states who told me he was a teaching pro and wanted to unload them because he said he couldn't get a good deal/sponsorship from Head...he said to me he thought it felt/played like a POG OS. I asked him where he got them and he told me Big 5 Sporting Goods. Just like the made in China Pro Tour 280, the Radical Tour OS have been speculated to not have any Twaron in them and are just all graphite. I have a pair of these in my Radical collection...found a local guy who had 3 he was trying to get rid of and he barely used them, ended up getting a great deal on them...told me the same thing that he got them from Big 5.

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