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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
LOL as if 2006 Haas would've pushed Novak in any year he won the title. Same with Davydenko and Baghdatis. And let's not forget Kiefer was Fed's SF opponent in 2006

And yeah, I probably should've included Stan as well.

Fact still remains Novak is AO GOAT and he has had it MUCH harder than Fed on route to winning his titles.

He's also managed to win 3 in a row and is undefeated vs the big 4 since it went plexicushion.
well, davydenko, haas, baghdatis would've given some competition .... if stan could give him a massive scare, so could they ....

Novak didn't have it much harder at all ...if you include ferrer 2013 or murray 2011, who put up cr*p performances, that's your delusional view .....

and I'd take losing to a top 4 player - fed,nadal, murray over losing to roddick or tsonga ....

yeah, so what if kiefer was fed's SF opponent ? he atleast put in a more respectable performance than ferrer did in the AO 2013 SF or murray did in AO 2011 final

fed in his best years there : 2004,05,07, 10 would easily beat the 08/11 versions of himself that novak faced ... even in 2006, he was clearly better ...

I can see why someone could put Novak over fed @ the AO , but don't get delusional that novak had it that much harder ...

fed hasn't lost before the semis since 2004 ... djoker has lost twice in the QF stage
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