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Just as Murray played a healthy Djokovic who was playing well the whole year (3 Slam finals, 1 win, WTF, 2 Masters etc) and simply outgunned him in the 5th set of the final just as Del Potro did Federer and by exactly the same score!

You keep on believing Murray can only win when his opponent plays subpar. The rest of us will give him the credit he's due for actually winning his matches including those against Djokovic, Federer and Nadal.

There was no outgunning. Djokovic gave a 2 set lead by playing absolutely garbage tennis. Had he not done that, he probably wins that USO final. He demonstrated this AO final he can play practically terrible for a set and a half and still recover in time to beat Murray.

Murray doesn't get credit because his only slam win was in a favorable draw, in favorable conditions, and the opponent he was facing played awful tennis and gave up a two set lead. And still, Murray almost blew it, and had Djokovic not gassed (there was no outgunning; Djokovic was just tired) that match likely is another slam victory for Djokovic. He cannot possibly continue to play the way he does, otherwise he will just gas out in the end. If Murray doesn't become a more aggressive player, when he has to face two elite level opponents, he will lose out in the end because he simply does not have the stamina to beat back to back elite opponents. We've seen this many times in Murray's career where he has had to expend far too much energy to beat one opponent. Djokovic used to be the same way; he expended way too much energy beating one top guy only to lose to another elite player in the end.
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