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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Stan played a LOT better than they did.
quite a bit better than haas/baghdatis, but davydenko's performance wasn't far off ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
LOL Ferrer's performance is not too disimilar to Roddick in 07. Fed and Novak were in the zone in those matches.
eh,no , not even close ... ferrer wasn't anywhere close to good form, having struggled vs almagro and almagro should have put him away in straights ;

roddick OTOH was , he had even taken fed to the brink at the YEC 2 months or so ago ...

fed hit 45 winners to 12 UEs vs roddick, roddick was 11 winners to 18 UEs
djok hit 30 winners to 16 UEs vs ferrer, ferrer was 11 winners to 32 UEs

no denying that djok was in the zone, but ferrer was wayyyyy worse than roddick

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Take what you want, you are nitpicking Novak's 2 worst AOs since he reached top 4. So he had a bad couple of AO tournaments, oh well he beat Fed's arse twice without losing a set. Fed could only beat baby Novak at AO.

Those guys that Fed lost to have never beat Novak at AO.
well, then AO 2011 and AO 2008 were fed's worst AOs ; you are also 'nitpicking' by pointing out his losses to a peaking Novak there ...

fed would have beaten novak at 2009/2010 AO had they faced off and you know it ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Wow he won a set. He was a joke semi finalist, ranked 21 for a reason and that reason is he has no weapons whatsoever to trouble the top 4 players in majors.
whatever, but the performance he put was atleast better than what ferrer or murray put up on those occasions; anyways it doesn't matter that much as fed faced better players in the previous rounds- davydenko, haas & then later in the final - baghdatis

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Fed hasn't beaten Nadal or Novak since plexi. 2006 Fed would not beat 2008 or 2011 Novak so it doesn't really matter anyway.

Truth >> Novak beaten MUCH tougher opponents on route to winning his titles. Just like nadal has had to beat tougher opponents to win his majors.
2006 fed may not have beaten 2008/2011 novak but 2004/2005,2007,2010 fed definitely could ....

truth is the difficulty level was around the same, only fed has been a bit more consistent ....

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