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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Listen to what again? You're making a complete fool of yourself. Agassi said he felt he was better when he was #1 in 2003 than when he was 25. The Fed era began in 2004. By then Agassi was not ranked #1 anymore. LOL.
No jackass. You have made a fool of yourself trolling in multiple accounts the same poo over and over again.

Agassi said he was playing at his best post the age of 33 -- that was the time he went 0-8 against baby Fed. He wasn't no 1 because Fed spanked him 8 times in a row. Since Agassi is better than all the current players on hard, it goes without saying that Fed's competition was better then, than it is now. Of course, this is only if you agree with Agassi.

Oh, and Agassi also said that Fed is one of the greatest across all sport, not merely tennis, comparable to MJ. Do you agree with that as well ?
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