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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Ah yes, lets not forget Mystic Safin. He played the highest possible level of tennis in the history of the sport because that is the only possible way Roger could lose.

No version of any player could ever had a chance against Safin in that semi and this is evidenced by the fact that he beat peak Roger.

Back to reality, 2011 Novak would've beat him in 4 sets.
Just like the result at 2008 Wimbledon. Oh, wait.

Yeah, was on grass. Which player do you think was more bothered by the fact that it was on grass, though?

I say it was simply a bad matchup for Djokovic if Safin's head was in it.

And does 2011 Djokovic really differ that much from 2012 and (so far) 2013 Djokovic? I see the same player. The biggest difference in results was because of the simple fact that 2011 Djokovic was able to sneak out with wins he never should have (Murray at Rome, Federer at US Open).
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