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Originally Posted by faultfoot View Post
Jorel, thanks for the links to Equijets threads for his HPS 6.0 frames. However, my thread is for the HPS 6.1 frames as stated in my thread title.

This HPS 6.1 paintjob would be even rarer than the HPS 6.0 one as Federer only sported the 6.1 graphics (i.e., silver W logo and 6.1 printed on the side of the frame) for a very, very short time.

Just curious if Equijet also had this frame and if so, if he would be willing to show it to us.

hahahaha....I don't have this PS85 in HPS6.1 paint-jobbed racket. As far as I know that there is no Federer's autograph marking on the racket frame. It's really rare indeed!
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