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Originally Posted by Duncan Bell View Post
Vika is eternal. She floats around the court with grace and elegance.
Every harpy-like cry she makes is actually part of a complex mating ritual with RedFoo. And we need to respect that. She is warning other Harpies away from her mate. Miss Sugarpova is the main threat to her nest.

Her MTO was a requirement, it was time for her to spawn an egg, and to ask for atonement for what she was about to do - slay the Untouchable American Child.

We disciples of Vichka know to expect adversity, abuse and persecution. But we firmly line up behind her No.1 ranking and her pastel coloured trousers, and we shreik with her.
(i normally don't do this kind of reply, but..)

this was a very good effort from you!!! seriously.

enjoyed it.
thank you

. . . . .
"Are you scared? Because I said I would hit you?" - Serena Williams to a line judge during US Open 2009
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