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Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
how come all my rackets are in the 40's. Even though i strung them myself on the gamma x-2. I can't be THAT bad at stringing right? Even have a synthgut job at 60 from TW and it reads in the low 40's range just like all my other rackets. I know string tensions drop and stretch, but i thought it was normal. seeing you guys in the 60's is making me question myself.
It's not you, its the machine.

For years I read about people here stringing at low tensions (50-52lbs), and all I could think was "There's no way I could control my racquet at that tension". I was stringing in the upper 50s (~ 58 ), was using a drop-weight, and had been stringing for 20+ years., but RacquetTune kept telling me upper 40s/low 50s.

This past fall I splurged and bought a new Alpha Revo w/ the Wise tension head. I strung my first frame at 58/56 (my normal tension), and my arm practically fell off.

Turns out I had been stringing at 54/52 for all these years and didn't even know it. Now I pull my racquet off the machine & it's practically spot-on w/ RacquetTune. So, I'd believe RacquetTune before a drop-weight machine.
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