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Default Lower rated player playing line 1 singles

Yesterday I played my first USTA match of the 2013 season. I am a 3.0 player in my 4th season and my goal is to be 3.5 next year. I'm close but I have to have a good year this year. I'm going to play a few matches at 3.5 but my plan is to play 18+ and 40+ at 3.0 at singles. I've been taking lessons the past few months to work exclusively on my singles game and I've been playing practice matches vs. strong 3.0 players and a few 3.5 players.

Yesterday I knew the other team only had one real singles player and I played her two years ago and lost twice so I was excited to see where I was at this point. The other team player her at line 2 and played a 2.5 rated player at line 1. This 2.5 rated player was 0-9 playing singles the last two years. She has never won a set and has won only 24 games in those 9 matches. I was very upset. I am not captain of this team but I've been a captain for my team for 3 years and I think this is completely against the code of honor for USTA captains. It wasn't fair to me, my opponent or the other singles players. In the end I'm most upset about the fact that I didn't even get a chance to help my dynamic rating.

I emailed the coordinator and complained. The captain of the other team wasn't there so I didn't get a chance to express my displeasure with her.

I understand you can stack line ups in USTA but I think a lower rated player who plays up on a team shouldn't be playing line 1.

I don't have a question I am just still ticked.
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