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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
Disagree, Fed is still a tough player to beat, his level of play is still very high and Murray has always been a terrific player and is that much more dangerous since his slam final mental block is gone.

We also don't know how much Nadal will be in the mix this year so too early to tell but he was playing great tennis in 2011 and 2012 (until FO) when Novak was facing him on the big stages.

The depth outside the big 4 is very lacking but as a trade-off you have a great top 4 (well great top 3 at the moment but I believe Nadal will return).

Dude, he doesn't own Fed even now, since the start of Novak's domination in 2011 he's 3-2 in slams against Fed and had to save 2 MPs in one of those wins, that's certainly not ownage against Fed who isn't as good as he was in his best years.

Also Stan was zoning but his best level isn't as potent as Fed's best level, jeez.
The h2h is misleading. Novak lost a few of those early in his career. I still think a prime Novak defeats a prime Fed on the average. Novak is mentally stonger and Rog would fold under the pressue which Djokovic is more immune to. It's not always about the game.
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