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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Murray in the last year has made 3 slam finals, won one, and won the Olympics. Federer in the last year plus has made only 1 slam final (which he won), and won no other major events unless one considers Cincinnati. Murray has also won 3 of their last 4 matches. Based on that I would say Murray is the better player right now, despite the rankings. Obviously many agree with me, as in previewing the Australian Open final the ESPN continously referred to it as the two best players in the World right now. The rankings will follow suit soon enough in all likelihood.
Federer won 6 tournaments in 2012: 3 MS1000's, 2 500's and Wimbledon. Murray won 3 tournaments last year: the USO, Olympics and a 250 event (zero MS1000's). Masters tournaments are actually very tough to win, just ask David Ferrer who, although #4 in the world, just won his first ever at Paris Bercy. And Federer does have a lot of points to defend going forward because he had a much better start to last year than Murray who went away after the AO, so yes it will be tough for him to hold onto his ranking if he can't defend those titles. But I still believe every time he and Murray play it's all on his racquet. If Federer has his A Game, Murray's in trouble.
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