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No jackass. You have made a fool of yourself trolling in multiple accounts the same poo over and over again.
I don't have multiple accounts pal, there is only one The_Order.

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Agassi said he was playing at his best post the age of 33 -- that was the time he went 0-8 against baby Fed. He wasn't no 1 because Fed spanked him 8 times in a row. Since Agassi is better than all the current players on hard, it goes without saying that Fed's competition was better then, than it is now. Of course, this is only if you agree with Agassi.
LOL wut? ... Agassi wasn't number 1 because Fed beat him? Fwhahahaha, no **** Agassi lost #1 because he didn't defend his AO title in 04 losing to SAFIN, not Federer. He then got knocked out in the first round of RG (again not losing to Fed) where he made the QF the year before. He was then absent at Wimbledon IIRC and in the USO, old crippled Agassi pushed peak indestructable Fed to the limit.

And Agassi did not say post 33 read the damn interview, he said when he was #1 at 33 he felt he was better player than when he was #1 at 25. When he lost to Fed at USO 04 he was 34 and a half and his body was on it's last legs.

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Oh, and Agassi also said that Fed is one of the greatest across all sport, not merely tennis, comparable to MJ. Do you agree with that as well ?
This is different. Agassi has no idea who the greatest across all sports is, he is not involved in the world's most popular sport - soccer/football, nor is he involved in basketball or any other popular sport apart from tennis obviously. He DOES however have knowledge over his own level of play and tennis in general so his opinions regarding tennis have added value to them, whereas his opinions regarding across all other sports is most likely biased towards tennis.
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