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OP, the irony of your question is that he would counterintuitively have a chance at even more than 17. Here's why. Yes he may have lost a few of the one he has now. Eg. he may have one USO and possibly one AO. Don't see him losing any of his Wimbledon's especially given that he won even when all of the other 3 were in the draw at their best. Where he would gain more slams is at the FO, where Nadal would have surely lost more given Djokovic 2.0 and now Murray 2.0. Yes I know neither of those guys has beaten Nadal yet at FO, but it's only a matter of time. Moreover, all 3 of the other guys are much more susceptible to early round losses than prime Fed (see, Rosol, Wawrinka, etc). So Fed may well end up with 16 or 17 as he has now, or likely even more! But I doubt less than 16.
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