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Originally Posted by tata View Post
Li Na continued played. To me that's a voluntarily assumption of risk.
...and for some insurance policies, the second someone suffers any head trauma, does not seek attention--and continues doing the very thing alleged to cause the trauma (playing tennis), she would not get a dime if something worse occured.

If she wants to play on then there is nothing they can really do.
...which invalidates this thread as the officials did not stop her from playing, as they--after attending to Na--did not think she was in any danger. Moreover, as you point out, she continued to play, after such a potentially dangerous accident.

There was no common sense at play from either party.

However, if the genesis of this is yet another excuse for Li Na's defeat, it is a poor excuse, as Azarenka was picking apart Li Na's game before any of the accidents.

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