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Originally Posted by rajah84 View Post
The h2h is misleading. Novak lost a few of those early in his career. I still think a prime Novak defeats a prime Fed on the average. Novak is mentally stonger and Rog would fold under the pressue which Djokovic is more immune to. It's not always about the game.
I wasn't talking about their overall H2H.

My point was that since the start of the best period of his career (2011+) Novak hasn't been able to dominate 29-31 year old Fed on the biggest stages (slams), he's gone 3-2 against him in slams with one win being a very narrow one.

If he couldn't dominate a past his prime Fed (if you agree that 29-31 year old Fed is/was past his prime) by what logic would he dominate (or own the H2H) best version of Fed (say 2004-2007)? Now he might narrowly lead the H2H (though I personally don't believe it) but it would be close either way.
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